"Doing" Development Journal - The Problem and a Solution

I thought it would be interesting to document building an application from scratch. I will build a small, called "Doing". Throughout this process you'll be able to see my thinking, the steps, and missteps I take along the way. I am not sure where this will end up, so come along and let us see what happens.

Defining the Problem

An application that does not solve a problem, may be fun to build, but is rarely useful. I've written some rather clever code solving problems I never had, and consequently, never used. So let's start with a problem:

When I set off to solve a problem, I often find myself working on something else.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

If you haven't, then you have a mind like a steel trap, and I applaud your iron clad determination. The rest of us could use a little help though.

Proposing a Solution

To solve this problem, we will build a tool that promotes mindful activity. It must help me know what I am doing, how long I have been at it, and what I was doing previously. Here is the general flow of my solution:

To help visualize this, I've knocked up a few mockups with Balsamiq:

Stating my Intention
Tracking my Activity

We have a starting point, next we will set up a project.

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