Like any self respecting developer I have a bevy of projects shared on Github. I've also drawn a bunch of pictures on Deviant.

Article Series

I enjoy writing, especially about topics that have some practical application for developers of all types.

Open Source

I like to build tools that simplify my life. My favorite is when-files-change which watches your working and executes whatever command you pass it. That's all it does, but you know what? It does it with minimal fuss.

If you are a Rubyist, you may find qwandry useful. It lets you quickly open any Ruby gem or file in the standard library in a few keystrokes. If you want to know how a library works, it's an invaluable tool.

I've written tons of other junk ranging from libraries making wysiwyg editing simpler, a client side MVVM framework that only I'll ever use, and a library so mind boglingly complex that I just keep it around to stay humble.

As you might expect, there are tons more on Github.


I've had the pleasure of speaking at major development conferences a few times now. If videos are your thing, you can see me stammer away:

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